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For those who don’t know me yet: Hi, I’m Queen George, I’m an independent pop artist exploring the modern world of pop with a jazzy, ethnic undertone and it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m here to share a story on how I plan to fund my upcoming live NFT concert harnessing the power of yield farming. The concert kicks off April 17th and only those who collect my NFT are granted access to enjoy this one-of-a kind digital experience that I’m producing alongside creative agency That’s Nice.

A Bit About Me

Independent artistry is a lifestyle I’ve lived my entire life. While I love the control over my music and brand, it’s come at a compromise as I’ve always had to get creative with how I fund my activities. I don’t have the backing of a large publisher, low key, fortunately, and I’ve always had to get creative with how I fuel my musical endeavors.

Whether it be assisting interior designers, babysitting, or working in music PR, I’ve always found how to make ends meet to fund recording music and live performances. My major expenses revolve around studio time, paying the most talented musicians and artists I’m lucky to have at my disposal, venue expenses, or paying for tickets just to be able to perform live, as an example. It’s not a cheap feat and I have to continue getting more creative and defeat the “starving artist” stigma.

With the help of my dear friend, I’ve recently discovered DeFi and all that it brings, so I thought I’d try something fun.

What if I could yield farm my way into funding my upcoming NFT concert?

A new experiment I’m proud to partake in cause fuck it, why not, I’m Queen George.

Behind My Thought Process

I’ve recently come across this little movement, thing, whatever you want to call it, known as Web3. Long story short, it literally aligns with my whole walk of life as an independent artist, and after seeing the impact that similar independent artists have already had and could have in collaboration with their most hardcore fans leveraging Web3 tools, I decided to give it a go myself.

For starters, I’m amazed by what music NFT founding fathers RAC and DJ 3LAU have done over the course of a few months to garner a much stronger and more hardcore fan base for themselves. They’ve defined what it means to push the limits and a lot of my inspiration stems from their experimentation - I don’t know you, but I hope to meet you one day.

Getting Started

First things first, nothing I say in this section is an endorsement of or a recommendation to copy and or use. This is purely my experimentation, and a bunch of fuckery only. I might lose all my money or I may fund all or a portion of my live virtual concert...not too sure at this point lol.

Ok so I want to make about $1,000 dollars doing this since the live virtual concert isn't as expensive as hosting an in-person concert, but to be honest I’ll be happy if I even make $1 lmao. Thankful this is a virtual concert and production costs are low so as long as I continue this route I’m confident I can manage. My biggest expenses are an accompanying guitarist, production design, streaming equipment, venue rental, and concert platform, some NFT related gas fees on Ethereum, plus other miscellaneous costs.

So I got started by scoping the treacherous, yet surprisingly welcoming alleys of crypto Twitter, learning more about this space and all that NFTs, yield farming, and social tokens bring, or at least those are the things that sparked my interest. Shoutout to dope women like @CryptoBethany who’ve I’ve been following for tips and insight.

My friend advised me to start farming on BSC because ETH transaction fees would eat the capital I was starting with. I set up my MetaMask and Binance Smart Chain Wallet by adding an RPC network following the simple guides on Binance Academy. I got some $BNB, exchanged a portion of it for $BLZD on Pancake Swap, and added liquidity to the BLZD pool through Beefy Finance. After adding liquidity, I added and began accumulating BLZD-WBNB BLZD LP tokens at a daily rate of 35%-15%. I did the same thing earlier for the BDO-BUSD LP pool but was earning much less and was honestly less excited about it.

So let’s see...this is where I’m at now and my friend will help me manage the day-to-day of this wizardry. Until now, I’ve made about $170, or ~10% of my goal.

About My NFT Concert

There’s nothing that I miss more than performing for the fans I love most. COVID has taken a toll on my mental health, and while I’ve written a ton of music during this dry period, it’s time to share it with the world, but I don’t want to just put on a show, I want the experience to extend beyond that.

I want to be able to give my most hard-core fans an extension of me beyond my music. How cool would it be if I could allow my most loyal listeners to own a piece of my future all the while producing a kick-ass show?

That’s exactly my goal and why I’ve partnered with the creative agency That’s Nice. Unlike a lot of what the NFT market has been seeing, I want to make my NFTs affordable for the sake of allowing the mass audience to enjoy the music and be included in this new digital age.

We’re designing a tiered ticket system designed from those who want to simply attend the concert all the way to those who want a more personalized experience from QG herself. I’m so stoked to reveal the details on April 5th!

The takeaway of this concert is purely to celebrate independent artistry. I want people to know that they can build their own monarchies, their own Queendoms, and have full control over their choices and the systems they get involved with all thanks to the power of Web3.

Anyone who craves artistic connection, live music, and the desire to interact on an intimate level with others globally are invited to attend. Tickets go on sale in the form of NFTs on Saturday, April 5, 2021, at 5 PM PT.

Only those who collect my NFTs are granted this exclusive digital experience. The concert will introduce new songs, iconic covers, and a musical production like no other.

I hope to engage new fans by hosting this concert and gradually build a larger audience.

I have an incredible evening planned for those attending on April 17th and I invite you to stay in the loop by subscribing to my email list. I’ll let you know immediately when tickets go live!

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